Essential Oils as Skin Remedies

Essential Oils

We’ve never understood how some people just manage to have clear skin 24/7. They seem to just wake up and go while we’re juggling 15 different products to try and get that even skin tone that makes everything so much better. Skin conditions range massively from the severe to slight blemishes, but it can really have a negative impact on our self image if we don’t clear them up.


Ultimately, it tends to come down to our skin care regime. There are a lot of people out there who have a certain procedure every morning and make sure they’re sticking to it day by day. The real power is of course in the products and using the right products will make a huge difference.


Of course, there are a huge number of different skin care brands available, offering lotions and creams that will work ‘miracles’. However, more people are turning away from these traditional cures and products in favor of a more effective and natural alternative.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are made from natural ingredients that come from inside plants and vegetation. For thousands of years our ancestors have used the natural properties of these plants in these cures and remedies, but with essential oils it is now much more effective.


Essential oils come as concentrated oils. These are generally applied directly to the skin, or occasionally inhaled with the use of a diffuser. They’re simple to use and are normally small, so you can take them with you on the go.


Essential oils have been created to help with hundreds of different ailments, everything from sinus infections, constipation or even helping with skin care. Different extracts are used to give different effects, but the overarching theme is helping you have a better day to day life.


More people are using essential oils every year, primarily for the convenience. It’s much simpler to medicate at home than head to the doctor, especially if it is a recurring problem. Traditional medicines and treatments often contain some harmful chemicals which can induce potentially nasty side effects.


Essential oils are also being shown to be much more effective than people first thought. Regular use of the right products can help stop recurring skin issues and relieve the symptoms in a natural, gentle way.


Essential oils are quickly moving into the mainstream as the natural alternative to other treatments, however, the marketplace is very crowded and this can pose some issues for first timers.


Oiling Point Skin Remedies

Essential oils are now more popular than ever and there are more being produced than ever before. The best place to get them tends to be online, but now there are thousands of sites offering hundreds of products and it’s difficult to know where to start.


Oiling Point are specialists in all-natural products which aid in your health and wellbeing. They offer a whole host of information on essential oils and remedies, including specialist products to help with skin care.


So if you want to start challenging those blemishes and banish the acne then Oiling Point is a great place to start. Try the natural alternatives and see what you think

Hybrid Bikes are the Best Bikes

It’s time for everybody in the world to get on a bike and get cycling. The health benefits alone are enough of a reason, but the environmental benefits are pretty appealing too. Cycling is efficient and a fast way to get around.

In recent years it’s become more popular than ever. For people of all ages, in cities or rural towns it’s never been a better time to get yourself a brand new bike and get on the road.

Traditionally people have chosen between lightweight road bikes and heavy duty mountain bikes. Road bikes are built for speed. Streamlined, light and with as little resistance as possible you can get some intense speed with these.

Mountain bikes are designed for durability. They can handle off road terrain and bumps with ease and while they aren’t as fast they can still build up some pace.

Each of these bikes have been designed for different terrain but now there’s another option which is way better than the others, the hybrid bike.

Hybrid Bikes

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road BikeHybrid bikes are built to be the best of both worlds. They have features of a road bike that allow for nippy cycling around obstacles, but they’re also built to be more durable than road bikes so they can handle different surfaces.

Hybrids are generally built with light frames which are strong, usually a combination of aluminium and silicon. Unlike road bikes hybrids are built with lots of different gears. This makes them more effective on slopes and rough ground.

Beneath the light frame there are robust mechanisms which help the bikes operate at maximum efficiency. Built to be durable the chain won’t become slack after going over bumpy or uneven ground.

The best hybrids are light, fast and are sturdy. They’re perfect for use in multiple formats and beyond the standard day to day cycling.

Choosing your Hybrid Bike

There is a lot of choice when it comes to hybrids because they are so popular. You’ll want to look around and find the best bike which fits your needs and your budget. The best brands appreciate performance, comfort and style so be certain you’re ticking all three boxes.

Whether you’re new to cycling or you’ve been cycling for years there are a number of options out there. We’ve identified some of the best hybrids around and weighed up their pros and cons. Check out our top hybrid here: